La vida sevillana ~ A video capturing beautiful sites of Parque de María Luisa

Buenos días amigos,

It is difficult to believe that it is nearly the end of my semester here in Seville – I cannot believe time has gone by so quickly, practically within the blink of an eye. I’ll admit, these past few months have been a blessing. I have met so many wonderful people, seen magnificent sights throughout Europe, and also learned a lot about myself as a future leader of this next generation. Traveling and adventure teaches you how to examine culture, history, beliefs, etc. from a different perspective. It opens your mind to new ideas and reflecting who you are in a global community. 

However, after all of my adventures to Italy, Paris, and the U.K., whenever I return to Sevilla, I always feel at peace – like a comfortable city to call home. To show you exactly what I mean, here is a short video I created to share the amazing, unique nature of Maria Luisa Park in Sevilla and its beautiful people. Enjoy!

Besos , 

Plaza de España
Plaza de España



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