Music and cultural diversity + Paris, France 2015; Enjoy!

Hola amigos,

Here are some video collections of different music and cultural activities I’ve attended while in Sevilla and Málaga during my last two weeks abroad.

The University of Sevilla’s cultural center, CICUS (Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla), hosted an afternoon of African music and dance as part of their “Inauguración Laboratorio de Cine Africano”. The musicians used African instruments such as the djembe and kora as well as authentic African song, chant, and dance to demonstrate their heritage of cultural and musical communication to the audiences at CICUS. The female vocalist also taught us how to dance basic steps to African dance. Overall, I really appreciated the enthusiasm and authentic nature of their performance.

The following two video segments are of Flamenco at El Tabanco in Sevilla and Spanish Pop-cover group, Sótano Sur. Both musical environments identify with different historical and cultural references. This is something very unique that I have come to appreciate about Andalusia and the integration of cultures and influences throughout history. There are theories that ‘el cante’ of flamenco stems from the migration of gypsies from North Africa as well as common musical characteristics, such as melismas and microtonality, of Islam prayers and religious calls.

I captured footage of Sótano Sur during El noche en blanco (White Night Festival), an annual music festival in Málaga that celebrates music and culture with musical genres extending from contemporary pop music, symphonic orchestra, cover bands, etc. The city was raging with people – it was almost impossible to catch any performances front and center; however, I really enjoyed the atmosphere of bringing people of all ages together in the community. Even as a foreigner, I felt welcomed and invited to enjoy the spirit of how music metaphorically moves audiences.

This video is a short montage and commentary of my adventures to Paris, France in April 2015. Paris is amazing with so much history and culture that it takes considerably more than three days to really soak it all in. In the meantime, I’m very happy to share my travels with you. Enjoy!


Bienvenidos a mi patio … <3 Córdoba, Spain
Bienvenidos a mi patio ❤

Stephanie Renee


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