Update: Summer 2015, Adventures Continue – East Coast, U.S.A. !

Greetings amigos!

Since my return to the U.S. from Spain, I have continued my travels along the East Coast in Columbia, South Carolina; Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania; Virginia Beach, Virginia, and my hometown, Cape May, New Jersey. It’s been a busy, productive summer thus far with conferences and internships; however, I’m excited to finish up my final semester at VWC and continue my studies in Arts and Cultural Management.

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I miss Seville, Andalusia, Spain, Dulce and Manuel, Lizzy, my ISA peers, and, of course, the wonderful friendships and memories I shared with Sevillian friends. This past semester feels like a dream that one would never want to wake. Overall, my adventures and travels in Spain have allowed me to experience the world beyond measures and without limits. I cannot wait to return – well maybe, a new destination this time around (possibly, Latin or South America or maybe Asian countries?). World culture is a beautiful social phenomenon and I am anxious to travel and test out the waters…

In the beginning of June, I travelled with my close friend, Marcus, to Columbia, South Carolina to attend an arts entrepreneurship conference titled SAVVY Musician in Action partnered with USC School of Music. This workshop was an intense 5-day project-based, training event which business teams strategized marketing plans, finance budgeting and research, as well as social media coverage to compete for an investor’s bid to jumpstart the team’s business. Even though Marcus and I travelled to SC together, the workshop was so involved that we spent more time together along the 5.5 hour car drive than at the actual conference.

I don’t think we knew what we were getting ourselves in for – but it was definitely worth the experience and meeting amazing, new music friends!

The project-business my team created was ARTSploration! This business sponsors mentorship between student-artists/musicians and professionals to inspire pathways of success in the arts. Although ARTSploration! does not officially exist, check out the website we created to promote our business at the conference. Click here: ARTSploration!

Soon after my adventures in South Carolina, I headed north to Philadelphia area to intern with Philadelphia International Music Festival. I worked with music students ages 8 – 18 years old who came from all over the world (Japan, Taiwan, China, Macedonia, Turkey, etc.) to study with musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra. It was a wonderful experience that inspired my desire to teach and encourage students to continue their musical talents – whether it serves as a professional career or leisure with their community and friends.

It was a busy, hectic two-weeks; even after having the electric down for three days – festival concerts, evening events, student recitals, chamber rehearsals, and private practice still resumed. We even had pop-up talent shows to stall when transportation to Ocean City, N.J. was running behind and the electric was down for movie night. It was amazing to witness how these students are talented in multiple ways, aside from their musical genius.

Lastly, I have been home in Cape May, New Jersey for the past few weeks. It’s been really fun to come home and experience my hometown through a different pair of eyes. I admire the beautiful, green nature of my city. There is also amazing culture here – between the outdoor summer concerts, weekly farmer’s markets, beautiful beaches, tasty seafood, and outdoor sporting, I really can’t imagine living anywhere else. (Well, maybe I have to find a job, first.) 😉 To make it easier – I’ve created a video montage of a weekend adventure I shared with my friend Bill from Norfolk, VA. He very much enjoyed his stay here in Cape May. I hope you enjoy the video!

In the meantime – I’m preparing myself to return back to Virginia Beach. I have a few more music gigs on my agenda this summer. I hope to make the most of my experiences and internships before I’m out into the real world next season. The world is an exciting place with so much to offer. I hope to continue traveling and examining the world through new eyes beyond each corner I look. Until then – I’ll try my best to live each moment to its fullest.

Thank you for reading. Stay in touch -~ Stephanie.

Me and Mom, Summer 2015. Love you!
Me and Mom, Summer 2015. Love you!

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